Unified Teams for Inclusion

Sayed and Abdulla are Special Olympics Youth Leaders in Bahrain. They have a history with Special Olympics Bahrain, but not all youth in their home country can say the same. To change that, Sayed and Abdulla will lead their Youth Innovation Project to help other young people engage with Special Olympics and experience the impacts of the Unified Generation firsthand.


To engage youth with the Special Olympics movement in Bahrain, Sayed and Abdulla will host a Unified Teams Competition. Each year, a collection of small teams will form, ranging from three to five individuals with and without intellectual disabilities, who will work together to achieve the overall mission of the Special Olympics movement: Inclusion. With the goal to bring in new youth to the movement each year, the exact goals and activities of the teams will vary so the incoming youth will have the opportunity to create the experience and the inclusive world they want. The Bahrain Youth Committee will help form ideas and guidelines for the youth who engage with the activities presented, and prepare them for a future of leadership. Sayed and Abdulla, alongside the Youth Committee, and the Special Olympics Bahrain family hope to deliver the message of Special Olympics to the next generation and improve the vision of unified within the community across the county.


To both Sayed and Abdulla, being part of the Unified Generation is a one-of-a-kind experience. The youth leaders around the world are the future of this movement and it is important for all youth to join in with the Unified Generation. To them, “seeing youth programs from different areas share all kinds of ideas and experiences is definitely something that will bring new ideas to life.” With these future ideas, the next generation is unstoppable.