Unified Twins Growing the Unified Generation

Christian and Christina are not only dynamic Special Olympics Youth Leaders, they’re twins! Hailing from Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, Christian and Christina’s Youth Innovation Project will start a Special Olympics Unified Sports team. Christian, a Special Olympics athlete, is excited to begin this project because he cannot currently play on his school’s sports teams, while Christina is excited to help create a program where her brother and many others can participate in sporting events and introduce others to the Unified Generation.


For years, the school has had students volunteer at the local Special Olympics area regional games, with new volunteers joining each year. Over time, it became clear that the school district could support a Special Olympics Unified Team and had plenty of students willing to lead the charge. With this new Unified program, five schools will have the opportunity to participate and as Unified partners and Special Olympics athletes work together to create a more inclusive community. By showcasing the skills and abilities of all participants, community members will gain more knowledge of Unified and a better understanding of inclusion. This project not only allows for Christian and Christina to bond and share an experience together as brother and sister, but will help the create unity among individuals of all backgrounds in the community.


To Christian and Christina, being part of the Unified Generation means creating a new perception of individuals with disabilities. By involving them in community activities and offering events where they can participate in activities alongside general education students, there is a shift in perspective. It is providing opportunities that may not have been presented otherwise. For Christina and Christian, it’s time for a lifetime of change in their community.