Unified Winter Sports in Colorado

Mackenzie and Enzo are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Colorado who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Mackenzie and Enzo will lead a Youth Innovation Project to host a Unified snowboarding and skiing clinic for high school and recently graduated students. In doing so, Mackenzie and Enzo will get more people involved in Special Olympics winter sports and encourage young people with and without intellectual disabilities to remain involved in Special Olympics, even after graduation.


Over the course of the next year, Mackenzie and Enzo will engage 30 Unified athletes and 30 Unified partners in their clinic. Mackenzie and Enzo hope that the clinic will lead to the formation of more Unified winter sports teams and eventually more competitions as well. Using their experience from organizing the clinic, Mackenzie and Enzo will create a toolkit that can be sent to other Youth Leaders and serve as a valuable resource for others looking to hold clinics or winter sporting events. Mackenzie and Enzo are sharing more than the fundamentals of skiing and snowboarding; they are inspiring youth to be lifelong participants in Special Olympics and members of the Unified Generation.