#UnifiedRocks in Great Britain

Jemima and Will are siblings and Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Great Britain who will launch a social media movement called #UnifiedRocks. In September 2018, Jemima and Will participated in the Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan to learn how to enhance the impact of their youth leadership and establish a project plan for their initiative.


Jemima and Will’s campaign will call youth to decorate rocks with words or images of what inclusion means to them. The youth will then share photos of themselves on social media posing with their rocks and share a story of their experience with inclusion using the hashtag #UnifiedRocks. Then, they will leave the rock in a hidden spot for someone else to find and repeat the process.  Jemima and Will plan to provide schools with information packets, videos, and other resources to help facilitate the movement and empower youth to spread the message of inclusion and their personal experience.


As siblings, Jemima and Will understand the power of inclusion and hope to see inclusion spread throughout communities. Jemima says that her experience as a sibling of a Special Olympics athlete has inspired her to “create widespread inclusion using the #UnifiedRocks project as a catalyst.” Jemima and Will want their project to create a pathway for youth leaders, athletes and families to raise awareness of Special Olympics Great Britain in local communities. And they hope creating an online portfolio of inclusive experiences will show other youth the impact that inclusion has on people with and without intellectual disabilities.


Being leaders of the Unified Generation is extremely important to both Jemima and Will. They believe that the Unified Generation means youth being more “inclusive, aware and reflective of their contribution towards creating a Unified society.” As leaders of the Unified Generation, Jemima and Will are creating inclusion in Great Britain and inspiring inclusion around the world.