Unifying Botswana

Oteng and Nonofo are Special Olympic Youth Leaders from Botswana who participated in the 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit. Together, Oteng and Nonofo are working to spread Special Olympics Unified Schools and Unified Sports programs to over 60% of Botswana.


Over the course of a year, Oteng and Nonofo will begin and maintain awareness campaigns. Oteng and Nonofo will begin the series of campaigns in their home city of Gaborone then expand into other parts of Botswana. Following the awareness campaigns, Oteng and Nonofo will create Unified Schools across the nation and from the new Unified Schools, a select few will be developed into Unified Championship Schools. These Unified Championship Schools will have three components: Unified Sports, inclusive youth leadership and whole-school engagement. Oteng and Nonofo will host workshops across the country and identify Youth Leaders who will run the programs once Oteng and Nonofo return home, expanding the Unified Generation across Botswana.