Unifying High Schools

Olivia and Tyler are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from North Carolina who noticed a need for increased communication amongst the Special Olympics Unified student organizations in local schools. With more communication and collaboration amongst these student groups, the schools would have more opportunities to activate inclusive projects within this area of North Carolina. Olivia and Tyler will lead a Youth Innovation Project to engage other Unified student leaders from Wake Forest High School nearby high schools, to create a Unified Board and a retreat designed for the high school students and their Unified work.


Olivia and Tyler’s project will positively enhance inclusion in local high schools in two ways. First, a Unified Board will be created by student leaders from nearby schools to ensure that student organizations and schools have the resources and materials needed to host Unified events. A Unified retreat will also be available for up to four members of the leadership team from each school’s Unified programs. At this retreat, student leaders will share best practices and ideas for leading events at their school.


Through this project, Olivia and Tyler are determined to increase the inclusion and unity within schools and across their school district. By connecting with other students, hundreds of individuals will be exposed to Unified practices and lead more Unified lives. Both Olivia and Tyler are excited to be youth leaders part of the Unified Generation because they want to show how “inclusion improves the productivity and livelihood of our school culture. We believe we can be more successful with a higher level of inclusion that would benefit everyone.”