Unifying Northeastern University

Kaylie is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Massachusetts, USA and is a founding member of her university’s Special Olympics Club at Northeastern University. The student organization is less than a year old, but the Unified movement is already spreading to other schools in the Boston area. Over the next six months, Kaylie will be working with two other schools in the Boston area to create Unified activities for local students to participate in.


Kaylie, and other students from her Special Olympics Club, will be visiting with the two schools during designated time in the school week and prepare inclusive activities for students. These activities will focus on the development of sports skills and engagement of students of all abilities. Currently, the two schools that Kaylie will be working with do not offer a recess or gym period for students. With Kaylie and other youth leaders determined to offer more Unified activities during the school day, they will be working with Boston Public Schools to implement this physically active period during the day. With the addition of this new time for sports, Kaylie knows that more students will be positively impacted by this opportunity to engage in Unified events.


Through this project, and the development of other activities at Northeastern University, Kaylie is determined to see her school become a Unified Champion school. Throughout the time of her project, Kaylie will be recruiting new students to join the Unified Generation and connect them to projects that will enhance Special Olympics in Boston and beyond. After years of involvement with Special Olympics, Kaylie is excited to lead this initiative and watch it transform the lives of many.







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