Using Football and Nutrition to Unite and Build Compassion in Venezuela

Marco and Giancarlo are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Venezuela who participated in the 2019 Special Olympics Latin America Family and Sibling Workshop. Together, Marco and Giancarlo will lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to build an inclusive community by empowering youth with intellectual disabilities through sports and nutrition. Marco and Giancarlo have participated in several Special Olympics forums, summits, and activities. These experiences have given Marco and Giancarlo the confidence to lead their own project. 

Marco and Giancarlo believe in providing all members of society with equal access to sports opportunities and health education. Over the course of six months, Marco and Giancarlo hope to build a healthier, more inclusive, community. Marco and Giancarlo will encourage university football clubs to join them in their mission and participate in their culminating event, a Unified football tournament and nutrition workshop for participants and their families. Marco and Giancarlo believe a Unified tournament and a nutrition workshop are great ways to build unity between individuals with and without Intellectual Disability and to encourage healthy, active lifestyles in their community.