Using Social Media to Support Youth with Intellectual Disabilities

Maryam is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Pakistan who participated in the 2019 Special Olympics Asia Pacific Family and Sibling Workshop. Maryam will lead a Youth Innovation Project to engage new Youth Leaders and enhance support of Special Olympics programming. Maryam believes engaging more Youth Leaders who have a sibling with an intellectual disability will foster greater familial support and services for Special Olympics by increasing the number of youth available to volunteer and advocate.  


Over a period of twelve months, Maryam will recruit the support of siblings of youth with intellectual disabilities in order to raise awareness about Special Olympics programs and events in Pakistan. Maryam will unite youth with and without intellectual disabilities to share their experiences and build a stronger network of support. Her project will culminate with the filming of a documentary, starring youth with intellectual disabilities. This documentary will be a powerful tool to increase awareness about Special Olympics activities in Pakistan as well as increase support and volunteer efforts throughout Special Olympics Asia Pacific.