Using Workshops to Foster Inclusion and Unity in Argentina

Gabriel is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from Argentina who participated in the 2019 Special Olympics Latin America Family and Sibling Workshop. Gabriel will lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to engage new Youth Leaders and increase support for Special Olympics programming by increasing the participation of families who have been impacted by youth with intellectual disabilities. Gabriel will draw from his personal experience as well as previous experience with Special Olympics summits and workshops to increase community engagement and foster greater autonomy and inclusion of youth with intellectual disabilities in Argentina.  


Over the course of twelve months, Gabriel will develop a series of five workshops in San Luis, Argentina. Gabriel will expand current Unified Schools programs, engage new Unified Schools, new Youth Leaders, and nearly 100 athletes with and without intellectual disabilities. With the support of a local high school and other Special Olympics siblings and volunteers, Gabriel will organize workshops centered around educating the community on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. These workshops will provide an informative platform for the community to learn and share stories in order to create a deeper understanding about the needs, desires, fears, and best ways to support families of youth with intellectual disabilities. Each workshop will end with a sport opportunity or an artistic activity to foster cohesion and drive home the importance of inclusion and unity.