Workshops to Increase Awareness and Education about Intellectual Disabilities

Sergio is a Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Guatemala who participated in the 2019 Special Olympics Latin America Family and Sibling Workshop. Having a sibling with an intellectual disability has taught Sergio about resilience and the power of being informed. He is drawing on his personal experience to lead a Youth Innovation Project aiming to reduce stigma and increase inclusivity of youth with intellectual disabilities in Guatemala. Sergio will organize and carry out awareness and sensitivity workshops for university students in his community.  


Over the course of three months, Sergio will work closely with Special Olympics Guatemala staff to create three workshops which will be delivered to university students at Guatemala San Carlos and Mariano Galvez University. The goals of each workshop are to increase Special Olympics volunteerism, sensitivity, and awareness about intellectual disabilities. Sergio will reach these goals by providing an educational and informative space for youth with and without intellectual disabilities to learn from each other. At the end of the three months, Sergio hopes to have engaged 50 youth with intellectual disabilities and encouraged 10 new Youth Leaders to join the Unified Generation.