Youth Activation Committee in North Carolina

Haley is a Special Olympics Youth Leader from North Carolina who will lead a Youth Innovation Project to form a Youth Activation Committee (YAC) among Unified Champion Schools in her county. The YAC, which will consist of four Youth Leaders with and without intellectual disabilities from each school, will kick off with a Unified Youth Leadership Conference to introduce the mission of the YAC and provide leadership training. The Youth Leaders will then meet quarterly to discuss issues they are facing in their respective schools, what they have accomplished and how they are working towards their goal of establishing more Unified Champion Schools in their area.


Over the course of 12 months, Haley will engage 20 new Youth Leaders, expand programming in 14 Unified Schools and create 10 new Unified Champion Schools. Haley will organize fundraisers after the grant period ends to continue supporting and growing the YAC. Being a part of the Unified Generation means everything to Haley, and she wants all students with and without intellectual disabilities to have the same opportunity to experience the true definition of inclusion and fair treatment.