Youth Training Youth

Njegos and Andela are Special Olympics Youth Leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina who understand that the youth can be a strong vehicle for change. Through their Youth Innovation Project, Njegos and Andela plan to work with other Youth Leaders to create opportunities for inclusion through sport in their schools. With assistance from Special Olympics staff, Njegos and Andela will select Youth Leaders from nearby schools and train them in some of the most popular sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina: basketball, volleyball and football (soccer).


As they lead their Youth Innovation Project, Njegos and Andela will travel to different regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina to train the selected participants at their local schools. They look forward to seeing a ripple effect from these training sessions that equip the selected youths with the skills to continue to spread inclusion.


Njegos and Andela believe that building a stronger understanding of intellectual disability in the youth today will produce a more inclusive world later. By empowering the Unified Generation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world, Njegos and Andela are working to create a more inclusive future for all.