Unified Schools

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SNF Project Resources

  • Project Implementation​

    • Reporting Overview - English

    • Communications Toolkit: Resource Dropbox for all Communications and Media info - English | Spanish

    • Outreach Letter -  English Spanish

    • Impact Measures Glossary - English | Spanish

    • Onboarding PowerPoint - Spanish

    • Spread the Word Inclusion - Spanish

    • Training Template: A simple and professional template for SNF trainings - English

  • Best Practices

    • Mentor School: An example of how to create mentorship. Special Olympics Serbia took already established Unified Schools (made up of Unified Sports clubs and schools) and had them act as role models to share their experiences with potential new schools - English

    • Strategic Partnerships: Special Olympics Brazil - English

    • Government Partnership: Special Olympics Kenya - English

  • Overview

    • SNF "Play Unified: Learn Unified" Project Easy Read Overview (Plain Language) - English

General Resources​​​​

  • Guides

    • Unified Sports Guide for Schools and Youth: This short guide provides ten steps to starting Unified Sports in a school. Guide available in English French, Chinese and Spanish - English French Chinese Spanish

    • Fitness Guide for Schools - English | Spanish

    • A Program’s Guide for Sibling Youth Engagement: This guide outlines for Programs provides specific recommendations for promoting sibling engagement in Special Olympics Programs - English Arabic Chinese French Portuguese Spanish

    • Media Guide - English

    • Global Unified Schools Evaluation Guide - English | Spanish | Arabic

  • One-Pagers

    • Special Olympics Workshops and Trainings - English Spanish Chinese

    • Special Olympics Partnerships and School Recruitment - English Spanish Chinese

    • Special Olympics Events and Awareness - English

    • Special Olympics Local/School Youth Leadership Summits - English

    • Special Olympics National Youth Leadership Summits - English

    • Special Olympics Youth Leadership Summits - English​​

    • Sustainability for Unified Schools - English

    • Teacher and Coach Training Overview - English

    • Unforeseen Circumstances - English

    • Launching Your Project: Communications checklist - English

    • General Unified Schools Infographic - English

  • Additional Resources

    • Training Template: A simple and professional template for Unified Schools trainings - English

    • Memorandum of Understanding for Unified Schools - English

    • Unified Schools Best Practice: Special Olympics Latin America - English

    • Development Sports: Resources supporting the transition of athletes with and without intellectual disabilities from Young Athletes to traditional or Unified Sports - Website

See Special Olympics Resources for additional information.