Sibling Engagement

Siblings have been a force of innovation and activism in our movement from its beginning. Our founder, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, was inspired by her sister with ID to start a revolution of inclusion through sport.

Siblings are connectors of three groups central to our movement: athletes, families and youth. Siblings bring personal experiences and lifetime relationships with their sibling with ID to our movement. Through Special Olympics, siblings can find a supportive community, a platform to share their experiences, and an opportunity to develop as leaders.

Special Olympics is supporting siblings in four main ways:

  • Creating resources for youth siblings, their parents, and local Special Olympics Programs to support their involvement in our movement

  • Hosting regional and national workshops for sibling and family leaders to learn about sibling engagement, share ideas, and network

  • Providing innovation grants to sibling youth leaders to carry out projects to make their communities more inclusive or bring more siblings into the movement

  • Conducting research to learn more about sibling experiences, especially in the Global South

By proactively reaching out to and supporting siblings, we are empowering them to be passionate advocates for inclusion. Through this initiative, we are developing siblings as leaders of the Unified Generation.

Our Sibling Youth Leaders

Check out Youth Innovation Projects being led by siblings across the world as they support each other and the Special Olympics movement.